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This book assumes that you are familiar with the terminal (command prompt on Windows), have already worked with the Node.js and NPM (Node Package Manager), know how to install packages, and are familiar with the package.json file.

It also assumes you are familiar with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and in particular with HTML DOM elements properties and events.

It will also help if you have some preliminary knowledge of TypeScript[1] as we won't get into details about the language itself or all of its features but mostly illustrate how to enforce type checking at development time with it.

You will need a text editor like VS Code or Sublime Text, better if you have extensions/plugins installed that can help specifically for Svelte code. For VS Code for example, you could use extensions like Svelte for VS Code[2] (just search for it within the VS code extensions tab).

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  2. svelte.svelte-vscode ↩︎

This is a sample from the book.